About The Book

A non-fictional book that contains true events. The scenario in the book comprises a situation where a father is struggling hard to regain his daughter’s sanity. His daughter begins therapy because her mother and grandmother have influenced her. The author’s mother-in-law is a misandrist who has also transferred the same thoughts into her daughter’s mind. His wife was sexually abused by his father, and then his mother-in-law also presents the same point of view about him, and in one incident, she blames him for sexually abusing his daughter. Due to this, the author moves out of the house.

Later on, the mother-in-law and his wife are declared unfit to take care of his daughter, but this is not implemented, and his poor daughter remains in the same unhealthy environment for which she is scarred for life and ends up going to shrinks.


Don’t let your mother-in-law
come to stay

James Riley is an author who speaks his mind. He shares his quotient with his mother-in-law, which seems extremely restrained, particularly because he doesn’t get along with her. He seems to be quite disturbed by the very existence of her mother-in-law, mainly because she is staying with her and has stirred up a mess in his life. His daughter has been a victim of emotional traumatization, due to which she now undergoes therapy and is considered an abnormal child because of the circumstances she has been in because of her mother and maternal grandmother. This book depicts the period of 1900s that is when the real problem initiated.

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